Mide's Slam Sticks Have Launched a New Website

Slam Stick has been re-branded as enDAQ. Click here to see the enDAQ product catalog.


Why the change?

Through our growth and interactions with thousands of customers, two things have became evident. Firstly, there is a real need in the shock, vibration,and environmental sensing community for a dedicated platform, and secondly, the technology behind our popular Slam Stick products could be leveraged for even greater sensing systems.

The new platform will be called enDAQ (Engineering Data Acquisition), and will officially go live next week. Our Slam Stick products will be folded under the enDAQ banner, and will be known as the S Series.

enDAQ will be a dedicated hub that offers products, services, a help center, dedicated blog, and community forum - it will serve as a convenient, configurable, and reliable platform to help people acquire data, analyze it, and then act upon it to improve their products, processes, and services.

Find out More

Click here for detailed blog post regarding the move.