About Us

Mission Statement:

Create high-value innovative products

Vision Statement:

An agile company with proven ability to develop advanced engineering solutions. With the customer as part of the team, Midé generates innovative ideas, taking them from concept to product. Midé excels and delivers superior results when confronted with the most challenging of opportunities.

We take pride in helping you succeed.

Quality Policy:

Midé Technology Corporation is a leading provider of advanced engineering products and services. Midé is committed to providing customers with high-quality deliverables that are on-time, on budget, and meet their expectations through the use of a quality management system focused on continual improvement. Midé uses industry best practices in both execution and cost effectiveness.

Mide's Timeline


Team Assembled in Cambridge MA.

Dr. Marthinus van Schoor, a Ph.D. graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics assembles a high-powered team of practical experts... and Mide is launched.

May 1989

Mide Awarded First R&D Contract

Magnetic Active Rubber Isolation Mound


First Phase II Sbir Awarded

Area Averaging Sensor


First Commercial Spinoff

Continuum Dynamics


International Space Station

Development, qualification and delivery of 18 "Positive Pressure Relief Valves" for the International Space Station


First US Patent Awarded

Area Averaging Sensor


Mide Moves!

Mide's growing company moves from Kendall Square in Cambridge to 200 Boston Avenue, Medford


Mide's First Aquisition

Mide Acquires Cymer's ACX Piezoline


Piezo Production Starts

Mide starts its own line of piezoelectric transducers


BSS Phase I US NAVY Grant Awarded

This is a significant first milestone to the start of Mide's suite of HydroActive Bulkhead Shaft Seals


Mide Launches eCommerce Website

Mide launches eCommerce website for customers seeking to primarily buy piezoelectic products online.


First BSS Seal Installed!

First Reliant™ Bulkhead Shaft Seal Installed

Slam Stick

Slam Stick Launched

A significant first milestone for the Slam Stick suite of shock and vibration data recorders


BSS - First Reliant™ Commercial Sale

HydroActive Bulkhead Shaft Seal sold to a Polar Research Vessel


BSS - First Omni™ Commercial Sale

Omni&trade HydroActive Bulkhead Shaft Seal sold commercially


Woburn Opens

Mide's Production Facility at Worburn opens.

Slam Stick

Slam Stick Awarded Navy Rif

Slam Stick Awarded Navy Rif to enhance capabilities of Slam Stick's existing vibration data logger.


BSS - LCS Vessels

First Installation of Mide's HydroActive Bulkhead Shaft Seal installed on US Navy's line of LCS Vessels

Slam Stick

Slam Stick X launched

Mide launches its line of Slam Stick X Data Recorders.


Mide Acquires Piezo Systems

Mide acquires leading piezoelectric company, Piezo Systems, to help grow its line of piezoelectric products and expertise services.


Senior Management

Marthinus van Schoor | Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Marthinus van Schoor has extensive qualifications and experience in a wide range of engineering fields. He holds several USA and foreign patents, and has won and managed many advanced technology development programs for commercial companies, the US Department of Defense, and NASA. His designs are on commercial and naval ships, and currently flying on the International Space Station. He is the founder and the current CEO and CTO of Mide.

Attila Lengyel | President

Attila graduated from MIT with his bachelor's degree and his master's degree from Purdue University in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has been with Midé Technology since 1996. Attila shares a wide range of responsibilities at Midé and is heavily involved with many of the company's activities. He has significant experience in the application of smart materials to active systems.

Chris Ludlow | Chief Growth Officer

Chris was born on Cape Cod, but has lived in many different areas of the country. His father's occupation in the Coast Guard led Chris as far away as Alaska, only to return to Massachusetts to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer. Chris received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University in 2002 and has been working for Midé ever since. To help Midé commercialize its technologies, Chris went to graduate school at the University of Massachusetts Boston where he graduated top of his MBA class in 2010. Chris enjoys many activities including weight lifting, rugby, basketball, and the occasional run.

Rick Orlando | Vice President of Corporate Programs

Rick grew up in Medford Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management at Lowell Technological Institute. He also has a Certificate in Technical Drafting and Design from Northeast School of Industrial Technology. His background includes work in construction management in the nuclear power industry, worldwide service management in the technology industry and client management in the talent management industry. He is active in the local community serving on mayoral appointed committees and boards in Medford government on a volunteer basis. Also involved with a local boat club as a past commodore and conducting capital planning. He enjoys spending time with friends both locally and those made over the years.

The Meaning of Mide

Midé \MEE-day\ noun

Midé (Great Medicine) is the native religion of the Chippewa; the complex organization of this religion is called in Chippewa, Midéwiwin (Great Medicine Society). In Chippewa belief, Midé was a gift of the four directional manido' (spirits); the east manido' came among the Chippewa as a miraculous child in order to teach them the ways of Midé.

In Midé, human behavior is understood to deeply influence health and life; goodness, respect, the meeting of obligations, produces long life and health whereas evil eventually harms both life and health. The members of the Midéwiwin are drawn from both male and female members of Chippewa society; after an initiation, they then can rise through eight separate ranks.

The initiation, done at meetings of the Midéwiwin in the spring, is a process of cleansing the spirit. The cleansing is accomplished with the mi'gis, a small white shell that serves as the emblem of Midé. For the white shell appears on the surface of the water whenever a manido , or spirit, causes the water to move. In the initiation ceremony, the mi'gis is pushed beneath the skin where it removes evil; the initiate then removes the mi'gis, usually through the mouth, from his or her body. If the mi'gis were to remain within the body, it would pollute the body with the evil it has absorbed. Once initiated, the member of Midéwiwin society moves up the ranks after receiving special instructions; each member is required to attend at least one Midé meeting each year in order to renew their spiritual power.

There are no exact rituals enjoined on the Midéwiwin: no ceremonial clothes are worn nor are there any ceremonial objects involved. Each member of the Midéwiwin, however, must live a life of exacting morality; lying, stealing, and the drinking of alcohol are absolutely forbidden. Once initiated, the Midéwiwin member, through both songs and medicine, cure other members of society from their illnesses. The Midéwiwin are not doctors (dja'sakid) who are a separate class of healers in Chippewa society; the Midéwiwin cure illnesses that are the consequences of evil, sin, or irresponsibility. Each member of the Midéwiwin carries about a bag of herbs and mi'gis; in combination with the medicine the healer also sings some song from his repertory that will make the medicine effective. A doctor (dja'sakid), on the other hand, does not acquire his healing knowledge from others but learns it from direct experience of suffering. The dja'sakid cures his patients by shaking his rattle, passing his hands over the the patient's body, and by swallowing several bones which he then uses to determine where the disease is located.

As a company Midé conducts its business in this spirit.  We respect our customers and we pride ourselves on meeting our obligations on time, within budget, and with quality.  This approach has earned Midé the respect of every single customer we have worked with, and we expect to continue this achievement for many years to come.