U.S. Navy buys 160 Slam Stick X's after Successful RIF BAA Development

Posted by Steve Hanly at Dec 04, 2015

The United States Navy purchased 160 Slam Stick X vibration data loggers.  These recorders enable faster maintenance in diagnosing aircraft component failure which shortens the downtime and greatly reduces flight costs.

The US Navy funded the initial development of this product through a Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) development effort in 2011.  The completely redesigned vibration measurement system was successfully commercialized in the summer of 2014 and has been rapidly growing ever since.  The National Defense Magazine published an article on the success of this development program, highlighting how within a very short period of time a technology was transitioned from a prototype in the lab to a fully qualified system actively being purchased and utilized by the military.  Just over one year later, the US Navy finalized an order of 160 Slam Stick X recorders to meet their growing testing needs.

slam stick x data logger