Mide's Slam Stick X Highlighted as Example of Success for Navy RIF BAA Program

Posted by Steve Hanly at Aug 06, 2015

Every year the DoD RAPID INNOVATION PROGRAM reports to the Committee on Armed Services, US Senate regarding the effectiveness of the program. Mide's Slam Stick X is featured as an successful example of transitioning a technology for Military users. The article appears on page 21 of the DOD RIF Report - it states the following...

"Wireless Vibration Recorder: This Navy project provides a compact and lightweight measurement device that can acquire data quickly and easily on aircraft, reducing flight test costs and system development time. The device includes specialized software and sensors to acquire vibration and acceleration data for aircraft internal components to determine why and when components fail. The Navy currently utilizes a test instrumented aircraft to measure vibrations, which is time consuming and costly. RIP officials reported this technology is expected to save the Naval Air Systems Command $3 million to $5 million in the next 4 years in flight test costs. This technology is also available commercially."

The successful development effort has also been featured in a National Defense magazine article, the June 2015 overview of the RIF program, and the August 2015 overview of the RIF program.

RIF Success Story - Slam Stick X