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made-in-the-usaInnovative Marine Seals and Solutions

Following the USS Cole bombing, the US Navy entrusted Mide Technology to develop an innovative and effective solution for the Navy’s failing bulkhead shaft seals on Arleigh Burke Class destroyers (DDG), the result of which was Mide’s Reliant and Omni seal products.

Mide’s solution involved designing and developing a bulkhead seal that utilized smart material technology and advanced engineering and production processes.

When the Navy had challenges with their stern tube seal design they again looked to Mide to find an innovative solution. Mide developed a fully shock qualified state of the art shaft seal for use on the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).

Military & Commercial Seals

Mide has a proven track record of designing, qualifying and producing robust and effective marine products and solutions for the US Navy and commercial marine customers.

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