prusa-face-shieldThank You for Your Covid-19 Support

Partnering to Make & Donate 150+ Face Shields

We'd like to acknowledge and thank the wonderful people who supported us and, like us, recognize the incredible efforts first-responders and healthcare workers make in keeping us all as healthy and safe as possible - especially during this pandemic. They did not hesitate to support our goal of making and donating 150+ face shields.

Thank you.
David Manion - Chairperson of Mide's Community Outreach

Bobby Chian - A-FLEX

We'd like to thank our good friend, Bobby Chian from A-Flex.

Bobby has been working with our company for years and, true to his giving nature, didn't hesitate to join our effort of 150+ face shields when asked. From California, Bobby cut and shipped over 80 of the face shield visors necessary to attach to the 3D printed head piece. This made assembly and distribution very easy.

Thank you



Daryl Flynn - Plastic Design Inc.

Daryl Flynn from Plastic Design Inc. was the first to support our effort when we reached out. Busy building their own custom face shields, Plastic Design Inc. was generous enough to take time out of their busy schedule to contribute great quality visors towards our goal.

Thank you

Chris Crowley - Polar Beverages

Chris Crowley from Polar Beverages didn't hesitate to support our efforts. He happily donated 100 x 2L clear plastic bottles that were then cut and attached to the 3D printed visors. He provided the bottles on the same day we asked. His quick response meant we were able to deliver face shields to a large pediatric practice the next day.

Thank you



Two Stand-Out Engineers

Finally, we'd like to thank our own Nersesse and Connor: two Midé engineers who 3D printed the headpiece components for the face shields at home and on their own time. Supported by Mide, they were able to print 160 headpieces between them. We are very grateful for their selfless contribution.

The 3D printing plans were generously provided by Prusa who have helped many companies with their open sourced face shield code.

Thank you

We Would Like to Thank the Following First Responders and Healthcare Providers


  • Woburn Fire Department
  • Woburn Police Department
  • Woburn Rehab and Nursing Home
  • Children's Hospital
  • Brigham Women's Hospital
  • Concord Police Department
  • Concord Fire Department
  • West Concord Fire Department
  • Armstrong Ambulance Services Woburn