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Piezoresistive Accelerometer - Ideal for Shock Testing

  • 3-axis piezoresistive accelerometer
  • Gas dampening to widen the dynamic frequency range, and handle higher shock loads
  • High frequency sampling rates (up to 20 kHz)
  • Better low frequency capabilities
  • Better Filtering for shock testing (5th order Bessel)
  • 16g triaxial MEMS accelerometer

Its ability to measure a wide range of acceleration amplitude, high frequency sampling rates (up to 20 kHz), long battery life (over 15 hours), large memory (up to 4 billion samples), and small, portable form factor make it ideal for impact testing and many vibration testin applications.  The Slam Stick S also comes standard with a 16g triaxial MEMS accelerometer in addition to the 3-axis piezoresistive for improved shock and vibration testing.

Piezoresistive accelerometers have a very wide bandwidth which allows these to be used for measuring short duration (high frequency) shock events such as crash testing.  The Slam Stick S's piezoresistive accelerometers are gas damped which protects the accelerometer; but also further widens the dynamic range by preventing the accelerometer from reaching its internal resonant frequency. Piezoresistive accelerometers measure down to zero hertz so they can also be used to accurately calculate velocity or displacement information.  Refer to our blog on accelerometer selection for more information on accelerometer types.

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Try the Free Slam Stick Lab Software

Vibration analysis is made easy with the free Slam Stick Lab software and example recording files. Please feel free to download and try it out.

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Powerful performance in a tiny & rugged shock and vibration data logger

Slam Stick Lab Software

Free Analysis & Configuration Tool with Example Recordings

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