Shock & Vibration Data Loggers

Shock and Vibration Data Loggers that Bridge the Gap Between Low Quality Data Recorders & Complex DAQ Systems

Portable, powerful, & easy-to-use, Mide’s range of compact stand-alone shock and vibration data loggers enable quick, easy, accurate, and cost-effective vibration measurement in almost any environment.

Try the free software included with every Slam Stick. Slam Stick Lab is a full analysis tool, and provides the ability to fully configure the device to meet any data acquisition need.

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Slam Stick C

Low Freq. Vibration

$ 1,000.00
Slam Stick X - Plastic

Shock and Vibration

$ 1,250.00
Slam Stick X - Metal

Shock and Vibration

$ 1,750.00

Slam Stick Product Comparison Table

Features Slam Stick C Slam Stick X
Acceleration Range ±16g ± 25g / 100g / 500g / 2,000g
Frequency Response ± 5% 0 to > 500 Hz 0 to > 2,000 Hz
Sampling Rate per Channel 12.5 Hz to 3,200 Hz 12.5 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Storage Size 1 GB or 8 GB 2 GB or 8 GB
Price Starting at $1,000 Starting at $1,250

Frequency Response

Featured Benefits

Powerful performance in a tiny and rugged enclosure

Slam Stick Lab Software

Free Analysis & Configuration Tool with Example Recordings

Click to Download Datasheet

Easy to Use

Powerful performance in a tiny and rugged enclosure