Shock & Vibration Data Loggers

Bridging the gap vibration data logger

Portable Vibration Data Loggers
that Bridge the Gap

Between Low Quality Data Recorders &
Complex DAQ Systems

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Portable, powerful, & easy-to-use, Mide’s range of compact stand-alone shock and vibration data loggers enable quick, easy, accurate, and cost-effective shock and vibration measurement in almost any environment.  With the push of a button begin recording up to 20,000 calibrated acceleration measurements per second in all three axes!

» Watch the 4-part video series to see how easy it is to configure, record shock, vibrations and acceleration, as well as analysing and exporting your recorded data.


Slam Stick C

Low Freq. Vibration

Slam Stick X - Plastic

Shock and Vibration

Slam Stick X - Metal

Shock and Vibration


Slam Stick Product Comparison Table

Features Slam Stick C Slam Stick X
Acceleration Range ±16g ± 25g / 100g / 500g / 2,000g
Frequency Response ± 5% 0 to > 500 Hz 0 to > 2,000 Hz
Sampling Rate per Channel 12.5 Hz to 3,200 Hz 12.5 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Storage Size 1 GB or 8 GB 2 GB or 8 GB
Price Starting at $1,000 Starting at $1,250

Slam Stick Lab Software

The free Slam Stick Lab software enables configuration (including automatic triggering) of the Slam Stick products to best meet your shock and vibration measurement needs. The software also comes complete with analysis tools such as FFT and PSD computation; and all data can be exported to MATLAB or in CSV format. Before purchasing, we encourage you to try out the free software along with some example recordings to get an idea of the performance potential of these recorders!

Frequency Response

Featured Benefits

Powerful performance in a tiny and rugged enclosure

Slam Stick Lab Software

Free Analysis & Configuration Tool with Example Recordings

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Easy to Use

Powerful performance in a tiny and rugged enclosure