Piezoelectric Products

Piezoelectric products can be used for a wide range of applications, including energy harvesting, solid state cooling, haptic feedback, and general actuating and sensing. Mide's piezoelectric products offer all the benefits of piezos with the added Piezo Protection Advantage (PPA). PPA is a patented manufacturing process that encapsulates high-performance brittle piezo ceramics between copper-clad insulating materials creating a robust, hermetically sealed, electrically insulated transducer with easy connection ready to integrate into your system or application.

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PPA products

Piezo Product: PPA-1001 (Pack of 5)

$29.26 - $180.00
Piezo Product: PPA-1011

$13.55 - $200.00
Piezo Product: PPA-1012

$18.25 - $210.00
Piezo Product: PPA-1013

$34.18 - $334.00
Piezo Product: PPA-1014

$13.16 - $194.00
Piezo Product: PPA-1021

$10.86 - $184.00
Piezo Product: PPA-1022

$10.16 - $176.00
Piezo Product: PPA-2011

$20.03 - $238.00
Piezo Product: PPA-2014

$19.36 - $228.00
Piezo Product: PPA-4011

$30.15 - $300.00
Piezo Product: PPA-9001 Clamp Kit

$150.00 - $330.00

Our Piezo Experience

Midé has been manufacturing packaged piezos with its patented process for over 15 years; it typically produces between 25,000 and 50,000 units annually.  In addition to the manufacturing experience Midé has gained over the years, it has engineered many custom electromechanical solutions that integrate its packaged piezos to solve a wide range of engineering challenges.

The PPA standard product line are a range of rectangular piezoelectric packages designed for cantilever, bonded, or fixed beam configurations.  Applications for these products include vibration energy harvesting, vibration dampening, precise actuation (especially useful for haptic and valve applications), vibration & strain sensing, as well as many others.  Although this product line focuses on rectangular piezos, Midé can design and manufacture a wide range of custom shapes and sizes.

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PPA Products

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