Piezo Cooling Overview

Solid State Piezoelectric Fan for
Reliable Forced Convection

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PiezoFlo technology offers highly reliable solid state forced convection solutions by combining the unique properties of piezoelectric materials with Mide's patented Piezo Protection Advantage enabling a robust and reliable cooling technology that can operate in extreme conditions where fan products using bearings would fail.

PiezoFlo technology excels as an active cooling solution in applications where: reliability is critically important; electromagnetic interference or EMI is not permitted; a thin form factor is required; a dusty, corrosive, or extreme temperature environment is expected; or where audible noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

piezoflo products

PiezoFlo Product Kit: PFN-9001

PiezoFlo Product Kit: PFN-9002

PiezoFlo Product: PFN-1011

$15.32 - $182.00
PiezoFlo Product: PFN-1012

Active Cooling

$15.32 - $182.00

Highly Reliable Active Cooling Solution

Details & Specifications

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    PiezoFlo Datasheet

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    PiezoFlo User Manual

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Active Cooling with Piezos and rugged enclosure