Piezo Product: PPA-9001 Clamp Kit

Piezo Product: PPA-9001 Clamp Kit


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The PPA-9001 clamp kit includes all the necessary materials and parts to get started with testing and evaluating the piezo product. This kit was designed for initial testing and feasibility analysis; but it can also be incorporated into your end product/system. Midé also offers design services if a modified clamp configuration is required.  The contents of this kit are included below.  More information is on page 50 of the PPA datasheet.

Clamp Kit Contents

Description Part Number Quantity Mass (g)
Nut Driver (5.5 mm) 52965A17 1  
Hex Key (2.5 mm) 5334A32 1  
Orange Electrical Tape (0.75” x 22 yards) 7619A19 1  
Vibra-Tite Reusable Threadlocker 75145A68 1  
M3 Bolt, 5mm Long (Ultra Corrosion Resistant Steel) 91274A101 20 0.7
M3 Bolt, 12mm Long (Ultra Corrosion Resistant Steel) 91274A106 20 1
M3 Bolt, 20mm Long (Ultra Corrosion Resistant Steel) 91274A109 5 1.4
M3 Nut (Zinc Plated Steel) 90591A121 100 0.4
M3 Washer (Zinc Plated Steel) 91166A210 100 0.2
Magnet w/ M3 Through Hole, 8.8 lb of Pull Force MM-B-16 8 5.7
Clamp Base (Glass Filled Nylon-12) PPA-5001 1  
Clamp Bar (Aluminum 6061, 1/8" Thick) PPA-5002 2  
Tip Mass Accessory (Aluminum 6061, 1/16" Thick) PPA-5003 2  
M3 Ring Terminals to Bare Wire Cable, 1.8 meters (6 feet) PPA-7001-1800 1  
M3 Ring Terminals to Bare Wire Cable, 150 mm (6 in.) PPA-7001-0150 1  

Piezo Clamp Kit Contents

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