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Depending on your usage case, having a stand-alone enclosure for Mide’s Piezo Protection Advantage (PPA) devices can be a handy tool for testing and evaluation.  To this end, the PPA-9004 clamp enclosure kit provides a number of components that gives the user the ability to build modular enclosures for trials of the PPA-1022, PPA-1014, and PPA-2014 devices.  The PPA-9004 is available a-la-carte without a piezo; however, one can add a PPA-1022, a PPA-1014, or a PPA-2014 to the order at a discounted rate (Qty 5 pricing). 

Included in the kit are two rapid prototyped modular black “base” pieces, a rapid prototyped “clear top” piece, two sets of clamp plates (for the 0mm and -6mm clamp locations specified in the PPA datasheet), and mounting and tip mass hardware.  There are several possible clamping options with the kit and two primary enclosure types that can be built. The basic enclosure configurations, a series of frequently asked questions, and the kit contents are included below.  More information on the kit can be found on page 53 of the PPA datasheet.

Basic Enclosure Configuration Options

Enclosure Configuration 1:


Designed with haptic/tactile feedback in mind, the thin “clear top” can be paired with the modular black base to form a thin enclosure.  The thinner clear top has a small hole, which is designed to be used with the included bumper. In this configuration one can create a tactile actuator demonstration.  



Enclosure Configuration 2:


Designed for general purpose and vibration energy harvesting in mind, the second modular black “base” can be fitted onto the bottom “base”, to construct a thicker but more versatile enclosure from a mounting and tip mass hardware perspective.


PPA-9004 Frequently Asked Questions

What about customization? 

Of course, we are always willing to discuss custom piezo designs, but what if you need a custom clamp or enclosure for your evaluations? Give us a call to discuss, or download the kit CAD files here to use as templates for your own designs.  The PPA-9004’s included clamp plate designs may also be a useful clamping solution for larger production runs!

How do you connect to the piezoelectric electrically? 

With the aim of creating a more stand-alone small foot print device, the PPA-9004 enclosure assembly is designed for soldered wires as opposed to the ring terminal connection approach used in the PPA-9001.  An electrical strain relief is included in the kit, and soldering guidance is available in the PPA datasheet.

What about driving the piezo actuators?  

Take a look at our blog for some guidance.  Also, for small form factor drive designs (such as haptics) we often use drivers built from Texas Instruments COTS DRV family of chips.  Take a look at their product piezo driver/amplifier chip comparator page for haptic drivers, and for gerneral purpose and audio drivers.

What about building an energy harvesting circuit? 

Indeed if you want to build an energy harvesting system, you also need to build out the power management circuitry on the back end.  Take a look at our blog, and check out Linear Technology’s page and Wurth Electronik’s Gleanergy page for more information.

Looking for a different evaluation kit?

The enclosure kit isn’t what you need?  Take a look at our other clamp kit options, the PPA-9001 general purpose clamp kit and the VLT-9001 piezo energy harvesting kit.

Piezo Clamp Kit Contents

Details & Specifications

Download the Datasheet for a Complete Picture

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