Wearable Sensor Evaluation Kit

Wearable Sensor Evaluation Kit


2 x StretchSense soft strain sensors
1 x StretchSense 5-channel sensing circuit
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
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Measure human body motion with stretchable, wearable sensors

Midé Technology is Partnering with StretchSense to offer stretchable, wearable sensor solutions (with electroactive polymers) - perfect for the unobtrusive measurement of human body motion in the animation, augmented reality, sport, healthcare, and prosthetic industries.

We offer custom sensing solutions, as well as our StretchSense Evalution Kit - a complete kit for evaluating our sensors, so you can start measuring today!

StretchSense is all about soft stretch sensing, or wearable sensors. Our stretchable capacitive sensors are the perfect tool for measuring human body motion, as they do not interfere with natural motion - they are reliable, accurate, comfortable, and easy to use.

Stretch Sensor Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kit comes with sensors, circuitry, and software all seamlessly integrated so you can start measuring with StretchSense today. If it does not match your application we excel at customizing the sensors, software, or circuitry to suit. This can include:

  • Changes in geometry
  • PCB design and layout
  • Sensor-to-circuit connection style
  • Sensor mounting method - sewn, adhesive, Velcro, mechanical
  • Changing sensor stiffness to suit
  • Wireless communication protocols
  • Multi-platform software
  • Scaling production from low to high volumes
  • Contract research

Other StretchSense Benefits

Our mechanically robust stretch sensors provide precise measurements and stable readings without the need for constant recalibration. Flexible stretch sensor designed for precise and stable measurements

Each stretch sensor module is wireless and uses a familiar Bluetooth protocol to communicate with smartphones and tablets.

Custom Wearable Sensor Solutions

If you would like to discuss your specific needs please contact our Products and Services department for a quick response.


Frequently Asked Questions about Wearable Stretch Sensors


What are Stretch Sensors?

Stretch sensors are soft pieces of elastic material that transmit information about how much they are being stretched. This is useful when you want to measure deformation of the human body.

How does a stretch sensor work?

Our stretch sensors are elastic capacitors made of a laminated polymer structure. The capacitance of the structure changes when the sensor is stretched, we measure this change and relate it to deformation.

What makes StretchSense special?

Polymeric stretchy capacitors have a number of non-ideal characteristics and problems. The electrodes have an unpredictable resistance, capacitances are small and susceptible to parasitic effects, and there is a complex electromechanical impedance matching problem at the connections. StretchSense has solved these problems to provide you with precise high quality stretch sensors.

What are stretch sensors good for?

Stretch sensors are good at measuring human body motion for:

  1. Animation / motion capture and gaming
  2. Interacting with portable electronic / augmented reality devices
  3. Health and rehabilitation
  4. Sports training

What if the basic sensor is not suitable for me?

StretchSense sells evaluation kits in a form factor suitable for general experimentation. These are not optimised for any given application. If you need changes made to the basic sensor please get in touch. We can supply different sizes, sensitivities, stiffness's, interfaces, geometries, speeds, environmental tolerances and more. Check out a full list of our services or contact us directly about your specific requirements.

How are stretch sensors different from resistive sensors?

Our stretch sensors are based on capacitive sensing which means that they provide very stable and repeatable data when stretched. Sensors based on resistive principles often suffer from drift and rate dependent effects.

Details & Specifications

Download the Data Sheet for a complete picture

  • fabric stretch sensor

    StretchSense Circuit-Datasheet

  • fabric stretch sensor

    StretchSense Sensor-Datasheet

Easy to Use

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