Piezoelectric Haptic Feedback

High-Performance Piezoelectric Haptic Actuators for Touch Communication

Midé’s SHIVR™ high performance, low-profile piezoelectric haptic actuators enable low power, thin, lightweight, and non-magnetic touch communication making them ideal for specialized bio-medical, military and industrial communication applications. SHIVR actuators are able to create a richer haptic experience, as they allow single cycles, fast start-up, static deflection, and independent frequency, amplitude, and phase control capabilities – allowing the user to control the feel and intensity of the sensation.  The high performance and broad array of haptic feedback of the SHIVR actuators are made robust and reliable by utilizing Midé’s patented Piezo Protection Advantage.

ERM / VoiceCoil / LRA / SHIVR™
Magnetic Magnetic Magnetic Piezo
Static Deflection No No No Yes
Requires large power consumption - risk of overheating
Independent frequency, amplitude, phase No Yes Yes Yes
Off Peak is Difficult
High Frequency Response No Possible No Yes
Single Cycles (Without Loss of Performance) No Yes No Yes
Nonferrous and No No No Yes
Non Magnetic
Low Current – No No No Yes
Thin Wires
Size & Shape Small , rectangular/cylindrical Large, Cylindrical Small to medium, cylindrical and rectangular Extremely thin, rectangular, or other shapes
Mass/Weight Low medium to heavy Low to medium Low
Voltage  Level Low Low Low High*
(2 – 5 V) (2-5 V) (~2V) (50-200 Vpp)

*Mide’s thin film packaging provides protection from high voltage required to drive piezo based actuators


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