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Volture Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters' Advantages

The Volture is a robust, reliable and inexpensive means to harvest vibration energy for your application! The Volture vibration energy harvester device harvests otherwise wasted energy from mechanical vibrations. The Volture accomplishes this by using piezoelectric materials to convert mechanical strain into useable electrical energy. The Midé Volture energy harvester is unique because it incorporates Midé's patented "Piezo Protection Advantage". Through a proprietary manufacturing process, the QuickPack transducer packages piezoelectric materials in a protective skin with pre-attached electrical leads, producing a highly reliable component with no soldered wires. The QuickPack actuator's protective skin also provides electrical insulation and defense against humidity and harsh contaminants.

Slam Stick Vibration Data Logger

slam stick vibration data logger Slam Stick™ Vibration Data Logger
Find out which Volture Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester is right for your application. The Slam Stick Vibration Data Logger measures and records vibrations across the X,Y,Z axis.

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Custom Energy Harvesters

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Energy Harvester Specification Definitions

*Frequency Range - This refers the range in which the energy harvester can be tuned. The upper limit of the range is where the piezo element has no tip mass. The lower limit has a large tip mass.

*Harvesting Bandwidth - This value refers to the frequency range over which the energy harvester will produce at least 50% of its peak power. For example if the harvester was tuned to 100 Hz with a bandwidth of 3 Hz, it would produce 50% of its peak power (at 100 Hz) at 98.5 Hz and 101.5 Hz.

*Power Electronics - The power electronics involve a simple rectification circuit that changes the AC output of the piezo to a variable DC output dependent upon load.

*Enclosure - If a product includes an enclosure it comes with a anodized aluminum enclosure with integrated electronics and power output cable. The clamp is integrated into the enclosure. If a product does NOT come with an enclosure only the piezo pack is included.

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