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Midé's Volture Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters convert mechanical vibrational energy into alternating electrical energy (AC). This AC is then electronically converted to DC, which can be used to drive a multitude of wireless applications or recharge a battery.

Midé has developed the Volture suite of piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters to answer the growing need to provide remote power to wireless sensor networks. The Volture vibration energy harvesters can replace the need for batteries and costly battery maintenance to power these remote systems. Midé manufactures its    See more.

Volture piezoelectric products using the "Piezo Protection Advantage".

Please note; piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters do not come with the power conditioning electronics or anodized case with integrated clamp. These components can be purchased seperately, or for a complete system please refer to our suite of "Vibration and Solar energy harvester Systems".

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qpk-1001 piezoelectric actuator and sensor

QuickPack qpk-1001

Piezoelectric Actuator and Sensor

$50.00 Pack of 5

$75.00 Pack of 10

Active Elements: One 6-mil

Dimensions: 2.14 x 0.88 x 0.01 (in)

Compatible Cables: Standard Alligator Clips

Additional Information: Refer to QPK-1001 datasheet

Bulk Pricing Available: Contact Us

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