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Piezoelectric Vibration &
Solar Energy Harvester Systems

The following products are being discountinued. However, we will be replacing them with an energy harvesting kit, shortly. If you would like to be notified when our new board comes on line please click the "GET NOTIFIED" button below.

The Volture™ Energy Harvesting Systems include; a piezoelectric energy harvester, integrated clamp, power conditioning electronics and protective aluminum enclosure. They offer a complete energy harvesting solution capable of being tuned to frequencies ranging from 60 Hz to 175 Hz. See more.

Midé has developed the Volture suite of piezoelectric vibration energy harvester systems to answer the growing need to provide remote power to wireless sensor networks. The Volture vibration energy harvesters can replace the need for batteries and costly battery maintenance to power these remote systems. Midé manufactures its Volture piezoelectric products using the "Piezo Protection Advantage".

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Vibration & Solar Energy Harvesting System: To take advantage of applications where both solar and vibration energy are available, Midé has combined See more.

the Volture Vibration energy harvester with the Volture Solar Energy Harvester. The Vibration & Solar Energy Harvesting System incorporates a rugged encapsulated solar-panel into the Volture enclosure for an additional source of energy.

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New Energy Harvester Products Coming Soon