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Energy Harvesting Electronics

Energy Harvesting Electronics covert raw piezo AC output to either unregulated or regulated DC. Optional capacitive storage available.

The following products are being discountinued. However, we will be replacing them with an all-in-one electronics board shortly. If you would like to be notified when our new board comes on line please click the "GET NOTIFIED" button below.

Rectifier Boards - EHE001c & EHE001nc. The output from a cantilevered piezo element in the presence of a vibration is sinusoidal or AC (alternating current). See more.

This dual full-wave rectifier board connects directly to any Volture connector to provide an unregulated DC output, simplifying product evaluation. Mide currently offers two forms of this rectifier board, the ehe001c has a 10µF capacitor for output smoothing, and the other, the ehe001nc, has no capacitive storage element. On the ehe001c, the output voltage is limited to 15VDC by an onboard Zener diode.

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Energy Harvesting Conditioning Circuit - EHE004. The EHE004 is an energy harvesting conditioning circuit, which converts the AC output from a piezoelectric energy harvester to a regulated DC output. See more.

The EHE004 consists of a full-wave rectifier with integrated charge management and DC-DC conversion, and connects directly to any Volture piezoelectric energy-harvesting product. The DC output can be configured to the following voltage settings: 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, and 3.6 V. The board includes 200 µF of storage capacitance onboard - more capacitance can be added if required.

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Energy Harvesting Battery Life Extender Circuit - EHE005. The Piezo-Energy Harvesting Battery Life Extender (PEHBLE) EHE005 is a power management solution See more.

that combines the reliability of a battery with the renewability of energy harvesting. The on-board battery ensures that power is delivered to the load when needed, and intelligent power selection uses the energy harvested from environmental vibrations whenever available.

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